Registered 501c3 organizations that need food.

Careit knows that nonprofits are the strongest and most important asset to protect, rehabilitate, and serve our local communities.

We created this tool for you, based on both extensive research and personal experience working in the field of food recovery and emergency relief services.
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Donating and rescuing food on the Careit app is completely free for every registered 501c3 nonprofit organization! We can also help with more than that. We know how important it is for tax receipts, grant writing, and impact reports to demonstrate a nonprofit’s work. Save time and staff costs of record-keeping for your food rescues and donations by unlocking premium features with a monthly subscription to Careit’s data dashboard.

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To get started, create an administrative account through our dashboard portal, or download the Careit app on the Google Play or Apple App store. From the app, you can search for locally posted donations near you, and filter by type and size of the donations. When you find the right fit, simply reserve a donation and coordinate with the donor about pickup or delivery time.

With Careit, you can add team members such as staff and volunteers to reserve, transport, and record donations in real-time through the app. And if you already have a relationship with a donor, they can use the app to post a donation and directly assign it to your nonprofit for pickup or drop off.

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