Food Donors

Businesses and institutions with surplus food.

It’s tough to see good food going to waste

Up until now, it’s been tougher trying to donate it. We’ve created this tool for businesses to easily donate food based on both extensive research and personal experience working in food services and event planning.
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How it works

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    Donate Food

    Businesses/Institutions post a donation for pick up or drop off. Donate directly to local or preferred 501c3's.

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    Feed People

    Nonprofits reserve and rescue donations to feed their community. Careit auto-generates a liability waiver agreement.

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    Manage Data

    Donation data is stored for tax write-offs. Measure community impact and corporate social responsibility goals.

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Donating food on the Careit app is completely free for every business registered in the US and Canada! We can also help with more than that. We know how important it is for end-of-the-year tax write-offs and impact reports to help a business’s bottom line. Save time and staff costs of record-keeping for your donations by unlocking premium features with a monthly subscription to Careit’s data dashboard.

Register Your Business

1. Create an account for your business through our dashboard portal, or via our app
2. Post your donation: edible food, household items or food scraps for compost (limited by area)
3. Add details, and select a donation time and date window
4. Optional: select a preferred local nonprofit partner
5. When you're notified the donation is reserved, contact the nonprofit to coordinate transport logistics
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